Mini-site dedicated to shingles and wood cladding
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Composite wood siding
The wood shingle is ....

A shingle is a small piece of coating for weather protection roofs and facades.

  Shingles are mainly used for roof coverings and wall (cladding).
  Depending on the region or country, the name of shingles vary, shingles, wood tiles, scales, ancelles, scandolis, shingles ....

  This is an ancient product, natural, respecting the environment and used around the world.

  The wood shingles, have many qualities including the insulation level, strength and lightness.
  But also on the environment.
  Indeed the wood shingles are 100% natural, no processing, no fumes, renewable and recyclable.

  With their wooden structure and mode of fixing the shingles used in roofing and facade have outstanding weather resistance.

  The shingles have exceptional longevity, between 50 and 100 years.

  Two modes of production can be:
      . Split: to respect the wood fiber and thus make the shingle maximum durability.
      . Sawn: brings a modern look to be less rustic shingle.

The wood siding is ...

Architecture and construction, cladding is a coating of exterior wall.

  It is usually made of wood, but it is also found in PVC or metal sheets.

  It has a dual role, both decorative as well as protection and insulation.

  In the case of the insulation from the outside walls, the cladding is attached to the structure supporting the insulating material.
  Wood siding requires regular maintenance that goes five (facades exposed to rain) to ten years.

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Mini-site dedicated to shingles and wood cladding
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